We’re tired of cleaning toilets too!

At Rosey Robotics, we believe that cleaning should be effortless and liberating, freeing up valuable time for what truly matters…happiness and fulfillment!
  Learn more about how we are going to change the world, and how you can help us do it.
About us

What is Rosey Robot?


Rosey is the only automated cleaning solution available that can learn from experience and adapt itself to any environment. Rosey can do a whole lot more than just sweep the floor.


Advanced mapping systems, swappable components, and advance battery technology means your Rosey not only creates a spotless environment and higher quality of life.

Automated Ingenuity

Rosey is uniquely equipped to teach our applications to make her better! She learns from her own experiences. She will constantly strive to become the best cleaning solution available.


The Future of Rosey


Looking for answers?

You can also get in contact with us through our contact page, or check out our blog to see if we have already addressed any questions or concerns you might have.

What is Rosey?

Rosey is a first-of-its-kind autonomous cleaning robot designed to do any cleaning task a human can do. We're not just talking sweeping the floor here, but toilets, dishes, and laundry too. Enjoy a cleaner world for you and me with Rosey!

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved. You can purchase items in our store, join our founders campaign, join our blog, or if you are interested in a larger investment, we do have equity available.

Who are the people behind the project?

Our team is comprised of industry proven software engineers, machine learning specialists, robotics engineers, and designers who have a successful track record together already. Also, our bench depth is phenomenal with 32 potential team members already identified and vetted taking us all the way up to phase 3.

What can Rosey do?

Rosey will begin her service to humanity in the healthcare sector cleaning bathrooms and vacant hospital rooms. She will evolve from there into industrial and commercial settings before being made available in homes across the world. It is our hope that Rosey will be able to do all common indoor household chores at time of residential release

What are the benefits of investing?

It is very rare that a product comes along with such vast income and market share potential. We aggressively pursue patents and trademarks and have many groundbreaking technologies to share. We're going places..are you coming with us?

What happens if I invest and it doesn't work?

Our team is not in the business of failure, but in the event something catastrophic occurs there is a real chance your investment could be lost. That being said, you could also be investing in a company with eventual yearly sales in the billions.
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You can be a part of Rosey Robotics by helping us reach our goal and help Rosey revolutionize the cleaning industry.


Invest Directly

If you are looking to invest a large amount, please contact us directly via the contact form or email invest@roseyrobot.com for priority response. For those who believe in our cause but would like to invest lesser amounts, please check out our crowdfunding efforts or join our Founder's Club for exclusive information, discounts, and access.


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